Zero Kinetic isolation feet

Zero Kinetic isolation feet

Kinetic crystal particle damping technology.

Zero Kinetic isolation feet is a revolutionary product incorporating state-of-the-art materials and technology. Each Zero Kinetic isolation feet incorporates Audio Engineers’ unique design principles to deliver unbelievable results, providing extremely high-efficiency particle damping.

Zero Kinetic isolation feet are capable of effective 3-dimensional, 360 degrees axial and radial damping and particle damping provides more efficient and wide frequency-range vibration absorption than previous solutions. Zero Kinetic isolation feet dampen and absorb the audio devices’ own resonances and vibrations from the environment.

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Zero Kinetic isolation feet are designed for audio- and video devices, projectors, turntables, center-, bookshelf, floor standing speakers, speakers stands and audio furniture. Zero Kinetic isolation feet have been crafted to provide extraordinary acoustic performance with enhanced sound clarity.

Advantages of crystal particle dampers:

  • The mass of the particles placed in the container of the structure may be less than the mass they replace thus providing more effective damping.
  • They are able to perform over an extremely wide frequency range, unlike viscoelastic or general hard-point dampers, which are highly frequency dependent.
  • The free movement of the different sizes crystal particles simply converts the kinetic energy into heat.
  • Virtual analyses can be used to develop particles of the most appropriate type, size and consistency for a given application, therefore, they can be used for applications where accuracy, high efficiency and long operating time are required.
  • They are able to operate over a wide load- and temperature range without loss of efficiency.

Particle Damping

The principle behind particle damping is the absorption of kinetic energy through losses, which results from the displacement of granular particles which move freely.

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Particle damping is most similar to the behavior of gravel thrown into the sand on the beach, where the sand particles immediately reduce and dissipate the kinetic energy of the impact. Particle damping technology is one of the most advanced solutions of impact and vibration damping with several advantages. General damping is performed by only a single mass, while in the case of particle damping, several small auxiliary masses perform this task in a container.

The particle dampers are highly non-linear dampers whose damping, is derived from a combination of loss mechanisms, including friction and momentum exchange, which dissipate the vibrations into heat. Because of the ability of particle dampers to perform through a wide range of temperatures and frequencies and survive for longer life, they have been used in applications such as the weightless environments of outer space or in aircraft structures.

State-of-the-art materials and technologies

Zero Kinetic isolation feet are an extremely effective combination of materials and technologies used in space technology and advanced aircraft manufacturing. The outer housing of the Zero Kinetic isolation feet is made of non-magnetic, high-quality, high-strength stainless steel (HSLA) and a special aluminium-magnesium alloy with ultra-high precision CNC machining.

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HSLA stainless steel and special aluminium-magnesium alloys already have excellent vibration damping characteristics on their own and effectively eliminate undesirable electronic interactions with components caused by commonly used magnetizable steels.

Inside the Zero Kinetic isolation feet are special silicon dioxide crystal particles with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The size and hardness of the crystal particles in the Zero Kinetic isolation feet have been designed for different vibration characteristics of the base and housing material to provide extremely effective particle damping over a wide frequency range. The free-moving crystal particles of different sizes are more difficult to transmit vibrations than solid (hard or flexible) materials, so vibration absorption is much more efficient and kinetic energy is simply converted to heat.

The inscriptions and patterns of the Zero Kinetic isolation feet are made with precision laser machining. Each Zero Kinetic isolation feet set has a unique serial number.

Ultra-high grade Ceramic ball

The ultra-high grade 5 ceramic ball, is a perfect sphere.

Each ceramic ball is made with a minimal variation (±0.00011mm) and a precision process, providing a perfect fit. The ceramic balls that can be placed on top of the Zero Kinetic isolation feet provide more effective attenuation for audio devices, center-, and bookshelf speakers. The hardness of the silicon nitride ceramic balls is 9.5 on the Mohs scale, which is close to the Mohs 10 hardness of the diamond.

For floor-standing speakers, speaker stands, and audio furniture with spiked feet, the spikes provide a sufficiently small surface area, so there is no need to use a top ceramic ball to use Zero Kinetic isolation feet.

Special assembly

The ultra-high-precision CNC-machined base and housing of the Zero Kinetic isolation feet are assembled using a special high-pressure process, which is held together by the resulting vacuum effect.

With this special assembly process, no additional fasteners are required, so the free-moving silicon dioxide crystal grains are capable of a highly effective particle damping effect.

Each Zero Kinetic isolation feet are manufactured in the EU and assembled by hand. After assembly and last quality control, Zero Kinetic isolation feet sets are placed in an exclusive laser-engraved wooden box.

Nano-ceramic coating

From September 2022, all Zero Kinetic audio feet will be made with a new nano-ceramic surface treatment.

The nano-ceramic layer forms an extremely hard, yet flexible coating on the external and internal metal surfaces, which further improves the effectiveness of vibration damping.



  • Effective 3-dimensional, 360 degrees axial and radial damping
  • Effectively reduces vibrations
  • Advanced crystal particle damping technology
  • Precise and natural sound
  • Realistic sound and expansive spatial pure details
  • Frequency-range extension
  • Extensive and powerful dynamics
  • Extremely low noise


  • Precision CNC machined HSLA stainless steel housing and aluminium-magnesium alloy base
  • Precisely designed silicon dioxide particles of different sizes (hardness Mohs 7)
  • Increased damping surface area and amount of crystal particles
  • Nano-ceramic coating
  • High precision, special hand assembly
  • Laser-engraved inscriptions and logo
  • Color: Silver shadow
  • Dimensions: 2,2″ x 1,1″ / 55 mm x 28 mm (2,2″ x 1,25″ / 55 mm x 31,5 mm with ceramic ball)
  • Weight: 0,55 lbs / 250 g / 1 pc
  • Load capacity: 200 lbs / 90 kg / 1 pc
  • Available in a set of 3 or set of 4

Prices (incl. VAT):

Zero Kinetic set of 3: 629€

Zero Kinetic set of 4: 799€