Audio Engineers was founded with the unique mission of perfecting audio and video devices accessories through measurements and objective tests.

At Audio Engineers, only the highest quality materials we are used to produce a high-quality product. The making of the products is preceded by a long planning, developing, and testing period in each case. During the development and testing, we pay great attention to every detail to ensure that the products meet the highest standards.

Our philosophy is perfection!

We work to make sure that the perfect audio and video quality is available to anyone using our products. In addition to our high-quality cables, we are unique developing additional accessories that can dramatically improve sound and picture quality.

In addition to the excellent quality of our products, we are proud that our products are handmade and marketed in environmentally friendly packaging.

Audio Engineers has been producing high-quality cables and accessories since 2010. We are constantly developing our products to ensure the highest possible quality. As a result, our latest Soundfield speaker cables with Virtual Grounding technology and our Reference Series Forcefield power cables will be available in 2022.