Contact Enhancer

In a modern audio- and video system, signal levels vary enormously, from a few millivolt outputs on the turntable up to a 230 V power cord. All these differing signals pass through connectors during their journey and these can often be the source of significant signal loss.

One source of problems is that the size of connectors and sockets can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some sockets and connectors are tight, while others are loosely connected.

The proper electrical connection is based on maximum mechanical connection and a clean surface. The larger and clean contact area reduces the contact resistance, creating a more stable connection, which provides more current and a stronger signal.

No matter how smooth a connector may look, its surface is uneven at the microscopic level. Filling the gaps provides a better contact surface and thus better performance.

To improve the surface of the connectors, Audio Engineers has created the Silver 1000 contact cleaner and enhancer fluid, which not only cleans but also fills surface irregularities with 1000/000 purity silver particles. The clean surface and pure silver effectively reduce resistance and maximize contact surfaces. Reduced resistance and maximized contact spacing mean higher current, resulting in less loss and a clearer signal.