Damper Kinetic

Damper Kinetic

Micro-balls kinetic particle damping technology.

The Damper Kinetic vibration control and EMI-field absorbers is highly efficient products that use specially selected materials and special anisotropic metal-based mixture particle damping technology. Each Damper Kinetic uses Audio Engineers ’unique design principles to achieve incredible results, ensuring optimal particle attenuation and EMI-field absorption.

Damper Kinetic, placed on the device, is capable of effective 360-degree damping, and particle damping provides more efficient and wider frequency range vibration absorption than other solutions. Damper Kinetic effectively dampens the inherent resonances of audio devices, vibrations from the environment and reduces the EMI-field of audio devices.

Damper Kinetic vibration control and EMI-field absorbers are designed for audio- and video devices, projectors, center-, bookshelf, floor-standing speakers and audio furniture. Each Damper Kinetic has been crafted to provide extraordinary acoustic performance with enhanced sound clarity.

Advantages of particle dampers:

  • The mass of particles placed in the tank of the structure can be designed for the specific application, thus providing more effective damping.
  • They are able to perform over an extremely wide frequency range, unlike viscoelastic or solid dampers, which are highly frequency dependent.
  • The free movement of metal-based particles of different sizes simply converts kinetic energy into heat.
  • Special low-alloy metal-based particles can have a very positive effect on the EMI-field generated in their environment so that magnetic fields have less effect on the optimal operation of circuits and components.
  • Virtual analytics can be used to develop particles with the most appropriate material composition, size and consistency for a given application, so they can be used in applications where accuracy, high efficiency and long uptime are required.
  • They are able to operate over a wide load- and temperature range without loss of efficiency.

Particle Damping

The principle behind particle damping is the absorption of kinetic energy through losses, which results from the displacement of granular particles which move freely.

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Particle damping is most similar to the behavior of gravel thrown into the sand on the beach, where the sand particles immediately reduce and dissipate the kinetic energy of the impact. Particle damping technology is one of the most advanced solutions of impact and vibration damping with several advantages. General damping is performed by only a single mass, while in the case of particle damping, several small auxiliary masses perform this task in a flexible container.

The particle dampers are highly non-linear dampers whose damping, is derived from a combination of loss mechanisms, including friction and momentum exchange, which dissipate the vibrations into heat. Because of the ability of particle dampers to perform through a wide range of temperatures and frequencies and survive for longer life, they have been used in applications such as the weightless environments of outer space or in aircraft structures.

State-of-the-art materials and technologies

Damper Kinetic vibration control and EMI-field absorbers use a highly efficient combination of materials and technologies used in advanced industry.

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The outer cover of the Damper Kinetic is made of a multi-layered, special, leather-effect material that is reinforced with an inner textile layer. The outer cover is cut and inscription accurately using a laser process, and the layers are sewn with an extremely strong polyamide fiber, which is also used in parachuting.

Inside the Damper Kinetic are precisely sized low-alloy metal-based grains, providing extremely effective particle attenuation over a wide frequency range. The main component of metal-based particles is α-Fe, which due to its anisotropic property is able to effectively reduce EMI-field.

Micro-balls technology

The Damper Kinetic placed on the device increases the weight of the device’s chassis, which significantly reduces its vibration sensitivity. In addition to the increased weight, however, the micro-balls particles in the Damper Kinetic’s also provide effective particle damping.

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The metal-based grains inside the Damper Kinetic have different sizes (0,3-0,5 mm) and spherical shapes, so the contact area between them is minimal. The minimized contact surfaces and the high-density material structure together provide highly efficient vibration absorption over a wide frequency range.

The surface size of the Damper Kinetic in contact with the devices has been precisely designed based on damping weight and damping characteristics. The elastic material and design of its outer casing, as well as micro-ball technology, make it possible to effectively reduce the wide spectrum of vibrations, from micro-resonances to higher-energy vibrations.

Made by hand

Each Damper Kinetic vibration control and EMI-field absorbers is handmade in the EU. After the last quality control, each Damper Kinetic is placed in an environmentally friendly cardboard box.



  • Effective 360-degree damping
  • Effectively reduces devices resonances
  • Effectively reduces vibrations from the environment
  • Effectively reduces EMI-field
  • Micro-balls damping technology
  • More accurate imaging and extensive soundstage
  • More spatial detail and increased naturalness
  • Low noise and increased dynamic range


  • The special leather-effect multi-layer outer cover
  • Precisely sized high-density metal-based micro-balls particles (α-Fe, Mn, Si, C alloy)
  • Laser machined and made by hand
  • Color: Soft black
  • Dimensions:
    • Damper Kinetic (M): 5,5″ x 5,5″ x 1,2″ / 140mm x 140 mm x 31 mm (approx)
    • Damper Kinetic (L): 5,5″ x 9,5″ x 1,5″ / 140mm x 240 mm x 38 mm (approx)
    • Damper Kinetic (S): 2,7″ x 3,5″ x 0.7″ / 70mm x 90 mm x 18 mm (approx /1pc)
  • Weight:
    • Damper Kinetic (M): 5 lbs / 2,270 kg (+/- 2%, Recommended for devices up to 50 lbs)
    • Damper Kinetic (L): 10 lbs / 4,540 kg (+/- 2%, Recommended for 50 to 100 lbs devices)
    • Damper Kinetic (S): 0,6 lbs / 0,28 kg / 1pc – 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg / set of 4 (+/- 2%)

Price (incl. VAT):

Damper Kinetic (M): 99€

Damper Kinetic (L): 129€

Damper Kinetic (S) cable lifter set of 4: 129€

Note: Do not place pointed or sharp objects on the Damper Kinetic vibration control and EMI-field absorber and do not place Damper Kinetic vibration control and EMI-field absorber on pointed or sharp objects, as they may damage the outer casing. Do not subject Damper Kinetic vibration control and EMI-field absorber to strong shocks or falls. The outer casing of Damper Kinetic can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, not washed.