Silver 1000 contact cleaner and enhancer fluid

Coming in January 2022.

Audio Engineers Silver 1000 contact cleaner and enhancer fluid with pure silver

Audio Engineers Silver 1000 contact cleaner and enhancer fluid, a highly advanced silver-liquid solution, specifically designed to maximize the surface area of a variety of plug connections, improving their performance.

The Silver 1000 is a simple and efficient solution for high and low voltage connections, providing high performance and low resistance on all connection types, voltages, and frequencies.

Silver 1000 contact cleaner and enhancer fluid is designed for audio- and video devices, projectors, turntables, center-, bookshelf, and floor-standing speakers that have been crafted to provide an extraordinary acoustic performance with enhanced sound clarity.

Silver 1000 contact cleaner and enhancer fluid with pure silver:

  • Ultra-clear, precise and natural sound
  • Full frequency-range extension
  • Wide and deep holographic sound-stage
  • Realistic sound and expansive spatial pure details
  • Extensive and powerful dynamics
  • Ultra-extremely low noise

Improving signal transfer

In a modern audio- and video system, signal levels vary enormously, from a few millivolt outputs on the turntable up to a 230 volt power supply. All these differing signals pass through connectors during their journey and these can often be the source of significant signal loss.

The basis of a good electrical connection is a good mechanical connection. A greater and clean contact area lowers the contact resistance, creating a better connection and allowing more current and cleaner signal to transmission.

If a connector looks perfect to the eye, its surface is uneven on a microscopic level. Silver 1000 cleans, and fills surface irregularities with 1/1000 fine pure silver particles. By filling the gaps, the Silver 1000 provides an even better contact area and, therefore higher performance.

Silver 1000 removes contaminations and oxidation from connectors and plugs and fills surface unevenness with 1/1000 fine pure silver, creating a greater contact area and, therefore, improving the performance of the connection. The lower the resistance, the higher the current and signal purity. A small amount of Silver 1000 onto all digital and analog plugs, banana plugs, spades, connectors, and terminals just once times a month, can produce a very impressive improvement in clarity and detail levels.

Silver 1000 contact cleaner and enhancer fluid can be applied to all metal contacts, from speaker cable connections and interconnect cable plugs, to power cables and more. The composition of Silver 1000 is not water-based, its formula is not harmful to the environment.

Note: Never use Silver 1000 fluid on a powered-on device. Always unplug the appliance before use.

Always wipe the treated connectors thoroughly after using the Silver 1000. Silver 1000 contains pure silver particles that can cause a short circuit if used incorrectly. After cleaning, always check the connectors and wipe them properly.