TransField 4D

TransField 4D

Transfield 4D is a top-category representative of the Transfield series speaker cables, designed for the high-end category of audio systems.

Transfield 4D speaker cable

  • Ultra-clear, precise and natural sound
  • Full frequency-range extension
  • Natural mid-range and tight bass
  • Wide and deep holographic sound-stage
  • Realistic sound and expansive spatial pure details
  • Extensive and powerful dynamics
  • Ultra-extremely low noise

Balanced Network Technology

Each cable types have different electrical balance properties. Common cables have electrical properties that are better at transmitting frequencies above the audible range than in the audible range. In this case, frequencies outside the audible range can generate noise.

Transfield 4D speaker cables have a built-in fine-tuned filter network, separate for the low and mid/high signal paths, which balances the internal electrical properties of the conductors to provide a cleaner path for signals in the audible range.

Transfield 4D speaker cables have a built-in fine-tuned filter network, separate for the low and mid/high signal paths, which balances the internal electrical properties of the conductors to provide a cleaner path for signals in the audible range.

In addition to suppressing noise created by frequencies outside the audible range, the built-in filter network also balances the feedback effect of the current generated by the speakers, so the sound becomes more accurate and real.


The Transfield 4D speaker cable features balanced dual quad-core vortex conductors, 5 AWG full conductor cross-sections, separate multi-purpose conductors, reduced resistance, and a full-separated low-frequency path. The appearance of Transfield 4D model has the newest 4D braid structure, which ensures full-symmetrical transverse positioning, thereby minimizing the inductive and capacitive effects of the parallel construction of the conductors, which negatively affects the accuracy of the signal.

The vortex structure of the Balanced dual quad-core conductors is placed in a special polymerized siloxane insulating tube, that has a lower dielectric constant than the commonly used insulations and optimally dampens environmental vibrations.

The latest development Nano Holographic Helix outer layer not only provides a special and unique appearance to the Transfield 4D speaker cables but special metallised polymer film with 500-nanometer-thick precious metal-alloy layers that prevent radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference from entering the cable inner structure. Similar metallised polymer films are used in NASA spacesuits to reflect radiation and it has been applied as an antistatic layer for insulating materials in aircraft.

The fields generated by the current in the pure copper conductors are effectively attenuated by the vortex structure, while the Nano Holographic Helix layer is responsible for external electromagnetic and radio frequency noise protection, which together reduces the negative interaction between the current flowing in the conductor and the insulation.

In addition to the advantages of full-symmetrical design, the Balanced dual quad-core vortex structure effectively reduces the skin effect, as the conductors are not only composed of elementary strands but are arranged in separate groups. The cross-section of the conductors is small enough to prevent the development of a skin effect, but overall, the conductors have a suitable cross-section to ensure optimal signal transmission. The Transfield 4D speaker cable features a bi-wired design, and fully separated wires for low and medium/high-frequency signals for more accurate and natural sound reproduction, as the higher current of low-frequency signals cannot modulate the weaker signal of medium/high frequencies.


The Transfield 4D model has high-quality, selected, pure silver-plated high-purity copper connectors. The pure silver coating on the outside of the contacts provides a proper connection that has measurably better electrical parameters and clearer signal transmission than the gold coating. The Transfield 4D speaker cable is also available with high-quality pure copper-silver banana plugs or pure copper-silver spades.

Transfield speaker cables are made with solder-free, precision manual mounting.

Transfield 4D speaker cables are placed in a special tissue bag after the last quality check.


  • Design: 4D full-symmetrical Balanced Network Technology bi-wired
  • Color: Holographic white
  • Conductors: Pure copper
  • Total conductive cross-section: 5 AWG – 16 mm2
  • Discrete solid conductors: 384 – Balanced dual quad-core helix structure
  • Insulation: PET, Polymerized siloxane, metallised polymer film,XLPO, PVC
  • Connectors material: Pure silver plated high-purity copper
  • Connector types: banana plug or spade
  • Cable length 2x: 7Ft / 210cm, 9ft / 270cm, 12ft / 360cm and custom sizes

Price (incl. VAT):

Transfield 4D balanced speaker cable (pair): 7 ft-5.599 €, 9 ft-6.499 €, 12 ft-7.399 € / Single versions for home movie (each): 5 ft-2.999 €, 7 ft-3.499 €, 9 ft-3.999 €

NOTE: To get the best quality of Transfield speaker cables, you need a “burn-in” period. After about 10-14 days of using Soundfield VG speaker cables, the sound quality becomes more life-like.