Speaker Cables

Soundfield VG and Transfield series speaker cables

Speaker cables play an important role in audio systems. Through the speaker cables, the devices are connected to the speakers, which are responsible for realistic sound reproduction.

Soundfield VG and Transfield series speaker cables are specifically designed to connect high-end audio devices and are based on Audio Engineers unique Virtual Grounding technology and Balanced Network Technology. They have many sophisticated structural details that offset the negative effects. This includes the multi-core, helix, symmetrical 3D, and full-symmetrical 4D braided structure by which the resulting magnetic fields overlap and compensate for each other. Several smaller structures divided into separate conductors effectively reduce the skin effect, in this way, the entire conductor cross-section remains usable.

In addition to continuous, optimal signal transmission, the ever-expanding wireless technologies also present a new challenge.

This task is to reduce and eliminate radio frequency and electromagnetic noise (electro-smog) from the environment, primarily through wireless technologies (e.g., smartphones, mobile towers, WiFi routers, radio antennas) that can negatively affect sound quality.

Soundfield VG series speaker cables are capable of very large and clear signal transmission in a very short time. Many details of Soundfield VG series speaker cables compensate for unwanted effects and can meet the highest audiophile and high-end level demands.

Transfield speaker cables have a built-in filter network that balances the internal electrical properties of the conductors to provide a clearer path for signals in the audible range. In addition to suppressing noise created by frequencies outside the audible range, the built-in filter network also balances the feedback effect of the current generated by the speakers, so the sound becomes more accurate and real.

The technological solutions are characterized by outstanding quality, which is also emphasized by the special design of the speaker cables and the high-purity copper, pure silver-plated connectors.