LightSpeed series

LightSpeed & LightSpeed 4D ​​Power Cords

In audio systems, power cords play an important role. Through these, the equipment is connected to the electrical network, to which thousands of other electrical appliances (eg. Refrigeration and washing machines, air conditioning, household appliances, machine tools) are connected every day. These devices do not only use the electrical network but also cause disturbances in them. These disturbances affect most of the audio and visual devices.

The audio- and video system basically is using modulated household electricity. So this should arrive at the device as quickly and in the cleanest, disturbance-free form as possible. In this case, special and high quality, and high-performance power cords are essential.

The LightSpeed & LightSpeed 4D power cords are specially designed for connecting high-end audio and video systems and is based on Audio Engineers Pure Energy Technology. They have many sophisticated construction details that counteract the negatív effects. This includes the multi-core, helix, and 3D braided or full-symmetrical 4D braided structure by which the resulting magnetic fields overlap and compensate each other. The division into several smaller, separate conductors reduces the skin effect, in this way, the entire conductor cross-section remains usable.

In addition to the continuous, optimal power supply and reduced network interruptions, power cables are now being challenged by the ever-expanding wireless technologies.

This task is to reduce and eliminate radio frequency and electromagnetic noise (electro-smog) from the environment, primarily through wireless technologies (e.g., smartphones, mobile towers, WiFi routers, radio antennas) that can negatively affect sound quality.

The LightSpeed & LightSpeed 4D power cords can transport very large amounts of pure energy in a very short time. The many details of the LightSpeed & LightSpeed 4D power cords counteract the unwanted effects and can meet the highest audiophile and high-end demands.

However, the technological solutions are not only distinguished by their outstanding quality but are also emphasized by the special design of the power cords. The lighting rings at the connectors provide a unique look, so LightSpeed & LightSpeed 4D power cables are unique not only in their quality but also in their appearance.