PURE and META interconnect series

PURE and META series iterconnect cables are specifically designed to connect high-end audio devices and are based on Audio Engineers’ unique Magnetic Vortex-field Technology. They have many sophisticated structural details that offset the negative effects. This includes the multi-core, helix, symmetrical 3D, and full-symmetrical 4D braided structure by which the resulting magnetic fields overlap and compensate for each other. Several smaller structures divided into separate conductors effectively reduce the skin effect, in this way, the entire conductor cross-section remains usable.

Each PURE and META interconnects connector includes a special multi-polar neodymium magnetic unit that can effectively suppress the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and noise that form around the wires. The strong, multi-polar magnetic units compensate for differences in the electromagnetic fields.

The electrical signal can be strongly affected by the magnetic fields around the conductor. This is also shown by experiments in which electricity / plasma is attracted or repelled by magnetic fields. The Magnetic Vortex-field Technology uses this physical property to provide a cleaner and more even current / signal in the conductors. The Magnetic Vortex-field Technology uses multi-polar neodymium magnetic units to keep the electrical current flow more evenly aligned and minimize the random movement of electrons within and along the conductor. Magnetic units placed in the connectors of the PURE and META interconnect cables can provide a more even electron flow, where resistance and loss can be greatest.