System Burn-in and Fine tuning

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Although there have been other burn-in discs and noises used by audiophiles in the past, the discs and noises have mostly been a mix of pink noise and sweep tones. The Audio Engineers high definition burn-in and fine-tuning sounds is a special combination of white noise, pink noise, blue noise, purple noise and brown noise with frequency tone bursts mixed at different levels.

However, what makes it really effective is a series of descending and ascending wide-spectrum sweeps for better and more complete results than any other burn-in discs or noise that have been made to date.

The Audio Engineers burn-in and fine-tuning HD sounds can be used for audio components, music players, loudspeakers, headphones, power cables, speakers cables, interconnect cables, power conditioners and filters.

The Audio Engineers burn-in and fine-tuning HD sounds is designed to completely condition the capacitive and diode-like effects within audio components, loudspeakers and audio cables. The result is a more coherent and extended high-frequency reproduction along with a sense of listening experience. After burn-in, continued use of the fine-tuning HD sounds will be extremely beneficial in maintain the performance of all audio cables and components.

Instructions for using

  • Select a burn-in or fine tuning HD sound file, and download or play it.
  • Turn the volume to normal listening levels. Do not use too high a volume.
  • Play it the burn-in or fine tuning HD sound file at least once.
  • Time to effect significant change will vary by system. A discernible difference will be evident after a burn-in or fine tuning session of sufficient length.
  • The fine tuning repeat once a weekly until no discernible difference is evident. Your system is conditioned to optimum performance levels.
  • Should you change any part of the system, the burn-in and then fine-tuning should be repeated.

Burn-in HD sounds

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Audio Engineers Full System burn-in HD

Audio Engineers Subwoofer burn-in HD

Audio Engineers Headphone burn-in HD

Fine tuning HD sounds

Free download

Audio Engineers Full System fine-tuning HD

Audio Engineers Subwoofer fine-tuning HD

NOTE: Audio Engineers offers this service for free, and assumes no responsibility should you decide to use the burn-In and fine tuning sounds on your system. By doing so, you assume all responsibly for this action.