ZeroPads Active

Ultra high-end adaptive piezoelectric vibration absorbers

In the audiophile and high-end categories, one of the most important things is the proper attenuation of vibration-sensitive audio devices. The adaptive vibration damping systems are able to perform orders of magnitude better than passive solutions, as conventional passive vibration dampers and isolators are often only able to provide effective vibration damping in narrow frequency ranges.

Audio devices with adaptive vibration control can outperform passive solutions.

ZeroPads Active adaptive vibration absorbers are revolutionary products that incorporate state-of-the-art materials and technologies. The ZeroPads Active vibration absorbers are designed to provide a stable structure allowing for adaptive damping.

ZeroPads Active adaptive vibration absorbers can effective in reducing and eliminating resonances wide ranges, from both the device and the environment. Their use significantly improves the sound, more details appear in the music, the bass is more controllable and the dynamics are improved.

Adaptive technology

The “soul” of the ZeroPads Active vibration absorbers is the Active Crystal Ball, which implements adaptive vibration-control based on the principle of piezoelectricity. The special crystal ball placed in the ZeroPads Active vibration absorber is a quartz crystal with a synthetic hexagonal structure, which is almost perfectly spherical shape by precision fine-machining.

The advantage of synthetic quartz crystal over natural quartz is that its composition can be freely modified and does not contain impurities. As a result, its piezoelectric efficiency is better and its hardness is higher, which is partly due to the iron and titanium additives.

The weight of the device placed on the ZeroPads Active adaptive vibration absorbers is constant, but the different vibrations exert a constantly varying pressure on the Active Crystal Balls placed in the vibration absorbers. The pressure and its change creates an electric charge of opposite polarity at the diagonal pressure points of the crystal balls, which excites an electric field. The strength of the electric field varies in proportion to the strength of the pressure. The electric field forces synthetic quartz crystal to change size in the opposite direction to the pressure change so that the Active Crystal Balls are able to eliminate higher frequency vibrations and micro-vibrations adaptively almost completely, as the reaction occurs in a fraction of a second.

Zero resonances

ZeroPads Active is able to effectively eliminate the higher-frequency and micro-resonances over a wide range, and the high-quality special closed-cell gel foam elastomer discs prevent the propagation of low and medium-frequency vibrations, taking the music listening experience to a whole new level.

ZeroPads Active vibration absorbers are able to adaptively dampen the vibrations of audio devices, projectors, turntables, amplifiers, center-, bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers, speaker stands, Hi-Fi racks, and media furniture, and vibrations from the environment.

Ultra high-end quality

ZeroPads Active is made of non-magnetic high-strength stainless steel (HSLA), which is also used in the automotive industry and has extremely high damping properties. The ZeroPads Active vibration absorbers are made with precision and laser machining, using the lowest possible tolerances.

Lifetime Warranty

ZeroPads Active and ZeroPads Active SP products are known the world over as best-in-class that allow the users to achieve outstanding performance and high quality.

However, there’s added peace of mind with the Audio Engineers Lifetime Warranty. Should your ZeroPads Active or ZeroPads Active absorbers SP ever malfunction from defects in workmanship or materials, we will replace that free of charge.