Active Crystal Balls Standard – set of 4

Active Crystal Balls Standard – set of 4


  • Piezoelectric synthetic quartz crystal
  • Diameter 5/16″ – 8 mm
  • Load capacity 40lbs – 18kg / 1pc
  • Set of 4 for Zero Pads Active & Active SP


Active Crystal Balls Standard – set of 4

Active Crystal Balls – set of 4 (5/16″ – 8mm – Standard – Load capacity: 18kg / pc)

Active Crystal Ball set for 4pcs ZeroPads Active and ZeroPads Active SP adaptive vibration absorbers.

ZeroPads Active adaptive vibration absorbers:

  • Ultra-clear, precise and natural sound
  • Full frequency-range extension
  • Natural mid-range and tight bass
  • Wide and deep holographic sound-stage
  • Realistic sound and expansive spatial pure details
  • Extensive and powerful dynamics
  • Ultra-extremely low noise
  • Ultra-high efficiency active adaptive vibration damping

Adaptive technology

The “soul” of the ZeroPads Active vibration absorbers is the Active Crystal Ball, which implements adaptive vibration-control based on the principle of piezoelectricity. The special crystal ball placed in the ZeroPads Active vibration absorber is a quartz crystal with a synthetic hexagonal structure, which is almost perfectly spherical shape by precision fine-machining.

The advantage of synthetic quartz crystal over natural quartz is that its composition can be freely modified and does not contain impurities. As a result, its piezoelectric efficiency is better and its hardness is higher, which is partly due to the iron and titanium additives.

The weight of the device placed on the ZeroPads Active adaptive vibration absorbers is constant, but the different vibrations exert a constantly varying pressure on the Active Crystal Balls placed in the vibration absorbers. The specially designed, inverted-cone ball sockets only contacts the surface of the crystal balls with a thin rim, thus increasing the force of the pressure, while providing axial and radial damping.

The pressure and its change creates an electric charge of opposite polarity at the diagonal pressure points of the crystal balls, which excites an electric field.

The strength of the electric field varies in proportion to the strength of the pressure. The electric field forces synthetic quartz crystal to change size in the opposite direction to the pressure change so that the Active Crystal Balls are able to eliminate higher frequency vibrations and micro-vibrations adaptively almost completely, as the reaction occurs in a fraction of a second.

The Standard Active Crystal Balls can be used with ZeroPads Active and ZeroPads Active SP adaptive vibration absorbers.

Category: Ultra High-end class

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 cm


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