LightSpeed One

One is the entry-level for the new generation of LightSpeed power cords, which has inherited many solutions from larger model family members.

LightSpeed Pure Energy technology

All LightSpeed power cords include a special “Pure Energy” electronics that can effectively filter DC components that contaminates the AC. Thanks to this, the device comes with a cleaner, sinusoidal alternating current that results in more efficient operation. The other part of LightSpeed “Pure Energy” electronics is the lighting rings of the connectors that provide a unique look to all LightSpeed power cables.


The One is made of pure copper conductors, which differ from larger models in their internal structure and cross-section. The cable structure in this model still lacks the characteristic braided structure, but the inner copper conductors are already surrounded by a special antistatic film, tin-plated, dense woven copper shielding, synthetic polymer insulation and halogen-free polyester outer casing. The different layers of the cable effectively dampen the effects of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation from the environment, and provide adequate protection for electrical conductors against environmental vibrations.

The LightSpeed One has a symmetrical Balanced mono-core conductors design, providing balanced and continuous power to the connected devices.The advantage of the Balanced dual-core design is the symmetry, as all wires have the same cross-section and electrical parameters, providing balanced, continuous and stable performance as opposed to asymmetric cables. In the case of asymmetric, for example cables with an double phase conductor, cross-sectional and electrical parameters other than the other conductors can cause continuous fluctuation due to alternating current. Even the slightest fluctuations in the power supply can affect the stable operation of audio and video devices, as it can cause continuous noises in the sound and picture.


The LightSpeed One model received high-quality selected polymer-composite connectors with high-purity copper contacts inside. The Rhodium-silver coating on the outside of the contacts provides the right connection, which has measurably better electrical parameters than for example gold coating and is more resistant to environmental impacts.

In addition to the high quality of the connectors, the special look is also emphasized by the built-in LED lighting. The lighting rings of the connectors give the One a unique look. The One Power Cable is only available with classic Pure White lighting.

One power cords are built with precision hand assembly and after the last quality check, they come in a special anti-static fabric bag and laser engraved natural wooden box.

NOTE: To get the best quality of LightSpeed power cables, it needs a “burn-in” period. After about 10-14 days of using LightSpeed cables, the sound quality becomes more life-like.