LiquiPads semi-liquid gel vibration absorbing pads

One of the most important aspects of designing audio and video devices is proper isolation, as ambient and devices self-generated resonances can have a detrimental effect to sound and picture quality. There are many solutions to proper vibration damping. Materials of different hardness, such as rubber, and hard or hard surface materials can only effectively absorb a small percentage of resonances.

LiquiPads vibration absorbing pads are made of semi-liquid gel with a special composition, specifically designed to meet the needs of audio and video devices. The special gel core acts as a liquid and solid at once, and is able to absorb a wide spectrum of resonances, ranging from sub-frequencies to ultrasound, thanks to its dual properties.

Conventional vibration dampers reduce some of the resonances, but are ineffective with certain frequencies depending on their material. Different rubber dampers can have a detrimental effect on the operation of delicate electronic devices, as vibrations from the environment or the device can generate additional harmonic resonances in them. In the case of dampers made of hard materials, it is also common to transmit different resonances without attenuation, but depending on the hardness of the material, this shifts towards higher frequencies.

Using LiquiPads semi-liquid gel pads can easily eliminate unwanted resonances that can adversely affect the sound and picture quality of audio and video devices. The LiquiPads are easy to use to effectively isolation stereo amplifiers, AV amplifiers, projectors, bookshelf and center speakers, subwoofers, source devices, and computing devices.

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