LightSpeed Prime 4D

Prime 4D is the flagship of the high-end category, which offering uncompromising quality.

The new Prime 4D power cord takes Audio Engineers’ commitment to reproducing the most lifelike and involving music possible to a new level.

Lightspeed Prime 4D

  • Ultra-clear, precise and natural sound
  • Full frequency-range extension
  • Natural mid-range and tight powerful bass
  • Wide and deep holographic sound-stage
  • Realistic sound and expansive spatial pure cues
  • Powerful and extensive dynamics
  • Ultra extremely low noise

LightSpeed Pure Energy technology

All LightSpeed power cord includes a special Pure Energy electronics that can effectively filter DC components that contaminate the alternating current. This results in cleaner sinusoidal alternating current, which results in more efficient operation. The special of LightSpeed Pure Energy electronics is the lighting rings of the connectors that provide a unique look to Prime 4D power cords.


LightSpeed Prime 4D has Balanced dual octa-core structure conductors, 30 sq mm total conductive cross-section, separated multi-purpose shielding, and reduced resistance. The appearance of the flagship model has the newest 4D braid structure, which ensures symmetrical a transverse positioning, thereby minimizing the inductive and capacitive effects of the parallel construction of the conductors, which negatively affect the alternating current phase accuracy.

The increased cross-section Balanced dual octa-core is covered with special anti-static film, tin-plated, dense woven pure copper shielding, synthetic polymer insulation, a special high-density polyester damping layer and a new self-developed nano Black Helix shield outer casing.

The high-density polyester layer has a dielectric constant lower than the often used Teflon insulation and provides adequate protection against vibrations from the environment.

The new nano Black Helix outer layer not only provides a special and unique appearance to the Prime 4D, but the special polymer film with a 500-nanometer thick metal layer does not allow external radio-frequency and electromagnetic radiation to penetrate the cable.

The fields generated by the current in the copper conductors are effectively attenuated by the internal shielding, while the new improved nano Black Helix layer is responsible for external electromagnetic and radiofrequency noise protection, which together reduces the negative interaction between the current flowing in the conductor and the insulation.

LightSpeed Prime 4D has a symmetrical Balanced dual octa-core conductor design, providing balanced and continuous power to the connected devices. The advantage of the Balanced dual octa-core design is the complete symmetry, as all wires have the same cross-section and electrical parameters, providing balanced, continuous, and stable performance as opposed to asymmetric cables. The asymmetric cables, such as those with double-phase conductors, can cause continuous fluctuations in alternating current due to different cross-sections and electrical parameters. Even the slightest fluctuations in the power supply can affect the stable operation of audio and video devices, as it can cause continuous noises in the sound and picture.

In addition to the complete symmetrical design, the conductors also have an inner helix design that effectively reduces the cable’s own capacity and inductance. Balanced dual octa-core structure effectively reduces the skin effect, as conductors are not only composed of elementary strands but are arranged in separate groups. The cross-sectional of the multi-core conductors small enough to prevent the skin effect from developing, but overall, the conductors have increased cross-section provide extremely high performance and outstanding quality.


Prime 4D features special carbon and metal alloy connectors that provide complete protection against radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation at the cable connection points. In most cases, the simple plastic connectors used are not able to provide the same noise-protection at the connection points, such as the shielding, so the most sensitive points are the least protected. Prime 4D connectors are made of a thick metal alloy for maximum noise protection and are designed with outer carbon fiber. The carbon fiber and metal- alloy connectors with pure copper contacts inside and an increased thickness of rhodium-silver coating on the outside to provide the right connection. The rhodium-silver coating has measurably better electrical parameters than gold coating and is more resistant to environmental impacts.

In addition to the high quality of the connectors, the special look is also emphasized by the built-in LED lighting. The carbon fiber and metal surface of the connectors and the lighting rings give the Prime model a unique look.

Each Prime 4D model has a unique serial number. The unique serial number is placed on a special laser engraved metal plate on the carbon fiber connectors.

Prime 4D power cords are built with high precision hand assembly and after the last quality check, they come in a special anti-static fabric bag and laser engraved natural wooden box.

LightSpeed Prime 4D power cords are available with US or EU plugs and special EU/UK adapter.

Available lengths: 5 ft / 150 cm, 8 ft / 240 cm, and custom sizes.

NOTE: To get the best quality of LightSpeed power cables, it needs a “burn-in” period. After about 10-14 days of using LightSpeed cables, the sound quality becomes more life-like.