Isolation feet

Unwanted vibrations can significantly affect the sound quality and seriously degrade the performance of any audio and home cinema system.

Vibrations they fall into three categories: structural, airborne, and self-generated. Structure-borne vibrations enter the component via its feet through the platform upon which it rests. Airborne vibrations are the results of air currents generated by speakers, which vibrate the chassis of the component. Self-generated internal vibrations are caused by the equipment itself.

These vibrations are transferred to the rest of the chassis. E.g. in the case of tube amplifiers, to the tubes, disrupting the path of the electron beam between the cathode and the anode or in CD players – to the laser beam, affecting the error correction system.

While there is no single perfect to isolate audio components, the goal is trying to completely decouple the system from the floor and speakers. The best doing this is to provide the isolation platforms where vibrations are dissipated rather than reflected back into the component.

Using Audio Engineers isolation feet can easily eliminate unwanted resonances that can adversely affect the sound and picture quality of audio and video devices. The Audio Engineers Cera, Cera Bronze, Cera Carbon and Zero Kinetic isolation feet are easy to use to effectively isolate stereo amplifiers, AV amplifiers, projectors, source devices, computing devices, center-, bookshelf-, and floor standing speakers, subwoofers, Hi-Fi racks and media furniture.