AirPads 3D

Ultra high-end 3D vibration absorber.

Coming in 2020

The AirPads 3D anti-vibration system is a revolutionary product incorporating state of the art materials and technology. The AirPads 3D is designed to provide a stable structure while still allowing for damping and vibration control.

The Air Pads 3D vibration absorbers effectively reduce and eliminate harmful resonances from audio devices and speakers. Air Pads 3D is effective both for reducing and eliminating resonances from the device and the environment. Using it significantly improves the sound, more detail appears in the music, the bass becomes more controlled and the dynamics are significantly improved.

The Air Pads 3D anti-vibration system provides full 3 dimensions axial and radial damping, enabling effective vibrations absorption in all directions. Multi-stage vibration damping is provided by a combination of high-strength (HSLA) stainless steel housing, inner elastomer rings, and air in the air chamber, which provides more efficient vibration absorption than any solution used to date.

Smart Modular System

Air Pads 3D’s smart modular system allows you to create completely personalized solutions. With the optional Tuning Ring set, the damping of the Air Pads 3D can be adjusted in 5 steps, from ultra-soft to extra hard, so it can be fitted to any device in the most optimal way possible.

The Air Pads 3D can also be easily fitted to floor-standing speakers and hi-fi stands with the appropriate threaded adapters, which are optionally available in the most commonly used sizes.

The efficiency of Air Pads 3D can be further enhanced with Zero adapters that can create passive or active attenuation. The passive Zero combination with the Spike adapters further increases the damping efficiency, and the Active Zero Crystal Balls based on the piezoelectric principle are able to actively dampen vibrations.

High-strength steel

Air Pads 3D is made of high-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA), which is also used in the automotive industry and has extremely high damping properties. The Air Pads 3D vibration absorbers are made with precision and laser machining, using the lowest possible tolerances.

Elastomer rings

The inner damping rings of Air Pads 3D are made of a special elastomer with high wear and heat resistance properties. Elastomer rings have a dual function, in addition to their excellent damping properties, they also ensure that the air chamber of the Air Pads 3D is properly closed.

The Air Pad 3D can effectively dampen the vibrations of audio devices, projectors, turntables, amplifiers, center, bookshelf and floor-standing speakers, subwoofers, stands, media furniture, and many other devices, and vibrations from the environment. With optional accessories, more than 20 different personalized damping settings can be implemented.