AirPads 3D Zero adapter

AirPads 3D Zero adapter for 1 pcs AirPads 3D vibration absorber

An effective addition to AirPads 3D vibration absorbers is the Zero adapter, which can be used to further enhance passive damping and active damping.

AirPads 3D Zero adapter with AirPads 3D vibration absorber

  • Ultra-clear, precise and natural sound
  • Full frequency-range extension
  • Natural mid-range and tight bass
  • Wide and deep holographic sound-stage
  • Realistic sound and expansive spatial pure details
  • Extensive and powerful dynamics
  • Ultra-extremely low noise
  • Ultra-high efficiency and active 3D vibration damping

The combined use of the Spike Adapter and AirPads 3D Zero Adapters further improve attenuation efficiency, reduce high-amplitude energies of floor standing speakers and subwoofers so that vibrations generated by the speaker are less noticeable in adjacent rooms.

With the AirPads 3D Zero adapter and special Active Crystal Ball implements active vibration damping based on the principle of piezoelectricity. The special crystal ball placed in the AirPads 3D Zero adapter is a quartz crystal with an artificial hexagonal structure, which is made of a precisely spherical shape by precision fine machining.

The weight of the applied device puts pressure on the crystal ball in the AirPads 3D Zero adapter. The pressure creates an electric charge of opposite polarity at the two diagonal pressure-points of the crystal, which excites an electric field. The size of the crystal ball changes under the action of the electric field, which is constant at rest, but changes continuously under the action of vibrations as the pressure strength and the strength of the electric field increase or decrease. The dimensional change in the opposite direction to the pressure change almost completely eliminates the higher frequency vibrations, since the reaction takes place in a fraction of a second.

The AirPads 3D Zero adapter is able to effectively reduce or eliminate resonances in both the passive and active versions, taking the music listening experience to a new level.

AirPads 3D Zero adapter can be only used for AirPads 3D vibration absorbers.

Package Contents: AirPads 3D Zero Adapter (1pc)

Category: Ultra High-end class