Air Pads 3D Tuning Ring Set

Tuning ring set for 4pcs Air Pads 3D anti-vibration system

The damping of the Air Pads 3D with the Tuning Ring set can be adjusted in 5 steps, from ultra-soft to extra hard, so it can be fitted to any device in the most optimal way possible.

Tuning Ring Set with AirPads 3D vibration absorber

  • Precise and natural sound
  • Full frequency-range extension
  • Natural mid-range and tight bass
  • Wide and deep sound-stage
  • Realistic sound and expansive spatial pure details
  • Extensive and powerful dynamics
  • Extremely low noise
  • High-efficiency, adjustable 3D vibration damping

Thanks to the increased load-bearing support rings, the load capacity of the Air Pads 3D vibration absorbers can be increased up to 132 lbs / 60 kg per piece, so they can handle up to 529 lbs / 240 kg in weight for 4 pieces.

Elastomer rings

The Tuning Rings for Air Pads 3D is made of a special, high load capacity elastomer with high wear and heat resistance properties. Elastomer rings have a dual function, in addition to their excellent damping properties and high load capacity, they also ensure that the air chamber of the Air Pads 3D is properly closed.

The Air Pad 3D can effectively dampen the vibrations of audio devices, projectors, turntables, amplifiers, center, bookshelf and floor-standing speakers, subwoofers, stands, media furniture, and many other devices, and vibrations from the environment. With the Tuning Ring set, more than 20 different personalized damping settings can be implemented.

Package contents: Air Pads 3D Tuning Ring set for 4 AirPads 3D vibration absorbers – (24pcs)

Category: Ultra High-end class